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Business Consultancy

Strategy Development
Oxford International unifies the strategic development process to deliver pragmatic strategic options and implementation solutions at multiple levels throughout the organisation.

Process Improvement
A successful process change project has to be well planned and executed and designed in a way that will work for you. We don't seek to adopt a 'rigid methodology', instead we develop a bespoke solution based on a toolkit that includes best practice from a range of approaches and methodologies.

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Project Management
Many companies are looking for a pragmatic set of minimum project management standards. Our approach is to deliver a flexible 'tool box' of practices, not PC tools.

Sales & Marketing
Oxford International offers a complete sales and marketing support service from operational ad-hoc development projects through to a full Marcomms service through our network of associate companies

Business Partnership

Management Resource
Some clients favour an alternative approach to stand alone project support. We can provide ongoing management and business support on a regular basis through our non-Exec support programme, providing pragmatic support and advice on a retained or interim basis.

Business Development
Key to any organisation is developing and implementing an effective business development strategy. Oxford International can help evolve the strategy and plan most suited to your style and then support the implementation of it in a timely and cost effective manner.

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